You Have Been Challenged

Do you ever feel tired?  Sick?  Uncomfortable in your own body?  I know I sure did.  People say to me all the time, “I didn’t think you had 50 pounds to lose!”  Well I did.  I was great at sucking it in, great at playing the part.  But I look back now and can’t believe how out of shape I was.  I wish I would have realized it sooner.  Better late than never though!  Since 2012 I have lost over 50 pounds using Beachbody workout programs and supplements.  Now it’s YOUR TURN!  I challenge you to take The Beachbody Challenge.

How to enter The Beachbody Challenge

To begin with, you need a Team Beachbody account.  Already have one?  Great!  If not, CLICK HERE to join for FREE (this will make me your coach : ) ). Then you just need to head over to The Beachbody Challengeselect a Challenge Pack for the fitness program of your choice, and get ready to BRING IT! Take a look at the video below to learn more about the challenge.

Ready to get started?

On March 17th Fellowship of Fitness will be starting a 90 day Challenge group, “SUMMER F1TNESS CH4LLENGE“.  The goal is to get you in the best shape of your life by summertime.  Make this year your year.  Get plugged in with others to help you reach your goal.  You can do it and I will be there to help motivate and give you the support you need to SUCCEED. Hope you’re ready for the challenge. I promise that it will change your life.

Keep Bringing it team Fellowship of Fitness!


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