This page will chronicle my year long journey through Body Beast in preparation for the Beachbody Beast Classic in July 2015 at Coach Summit.  I will be dialing in perfect nutrition starting at 2400 cal/day and drinking Shakeology (of course). Stay tuned because the results are going to be awesome.

Welcome to the YOTB yearlong Challenge!  I will be doing Body Beast only for next year which will be split into 4 phases.  In the first phase I will be following the HUGE Schedule and will have my nutrition set at 2400 calories per day with macros of 40c/40p/20f.  This is more calories than I am used to since I have been doing 1900 cal/day for quite a while which I suspect has slowed down my metabolism.  Plus, I need to really provide fuel for my muscle during this program.  The supplement stack that I will be using contains Shakeology, like always 🙂 , whey protein, creatine, P90X R&R, and BCAAs.  Now let’s get started!
Round 1: Build Phase: Week 1

Phase 1 Day 1: Build Chest and Tris

yotb_phase1day1This has got to be one of my favorite Body Beast workouts.  I followed the advice of some Body Beast veterans and checked my ego at the door and focused on quality over the quantity of weight I was using.  Man, what a difference it makes when you really focus on muscle contraction and control.  Anybody can go throw around weight, but as I have learned recently, I am not a weightlifter.  I am focusing on getting my body in shape, not on trying to impress anybody with silly numbers.  I hit it hard today and left everything I had on the floor. I can’t wait for Build Legs tomorrow (sarcasm). But seriously, I can’t wait.

 Phase 1 Day 2: Build Legs (the bane of my existence lol)

yotb_phase1day2Here it is. The day of the week that I always seem to dread…leg day.  This has got to be one of the hardest workouts I have ever completed.  If you’ve never done it before, I challenge you to get to it!  I guarantee that you’ve never done a workout like this before.  The pace, sequencing, and weight make this one brutal leg workout.  In preparation for step-up-reverse-lunges, I decided to build my very own “Beast Box” (plyo box).  It measures 20″ X 24″ X 30″.  I think I underestimated how high 20″ is because when it came to the step-ups, I thought I was going to die lol. BUT, I lowered the weight and powered through.  I also used the Beast Box for the Bulgarian squats. What a killer workout. Tomorrow is Build Back and Bis which is one of my favorites 🙂 . Beast UP!

Phase 1 Day 3: Build Back & Bis

yotb_phase1day3Today is of my favorite workouts in all of Body Beast and it didn’t disappoint! Again, I checked my ego at the door and went with lower weights than what I have used previously.  Focusing on isolation and contraction, I went to failure on many of the bicep moves.  1-1-2 hammer curls were really really hard. Also, instead of doing 10 so-so chin-ups, I opted for using resistance bands with the door attachment.  Normally I can pump out between 15 and 20 pull-ups, but with the pace and layout of this workout, my back muscles are toast, especially with the dumbbell lat pull-overs and single arm rows.  Can’t wait to do this one again next week. Time to crush the nutrition.  I have been fairly on point with my macros so far and can tell a difference in my energy levels since I have moved from 1900 to 2400 calories. Tomorrow is Build Shoulders. Beast UP!

Phase 1 Day 4: Build Shoulders

yotb_phase1day4Time for another one of my favorite workouts in Body Beast! I feel like I’m saying that alot, but maybe I just like em all! I’m finding that it is really important to not let my ego get in the way.  I feel like I am working way harder with less weight. This workout consists of a single set, multiple super sets, and one giant sets.  I had to be careful with some of these moves as I am just coming off rehabbing my left shoulder.  One move that I found particularly difficult was the dumbbell scap trap.  Since I don’t have a bench my options are to use a stability ball, but this move is almost impossible on one so did it in a standing up and bent over like doing a reverse row.  This is OK, but I have to make sure my core is tight to avoid back issues. One of the last moves is the Sagi Six Way and it sure is difficult. I used 5# dumbbells for the set of 12 and 10# for the set of 8. Overall, this is a killer shoulders routine and tomorrow is Beast Cardio with Beast Abs. Beast UP!

Phase 1 Day 5: Beast Cardio + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day5Since I am following the HUGE schedule there were two choices for today’s workout, either Beast Total Body or Beast Cardio both coming with Beast Abs.   I followed the advice of my coach to do Beast Cardio.  He made a great point that Total Body does a great job at hitting the entire body, but does not absolutely crush any of it.  Therefore I opted for Beast Cardio.  This is unlike any cardio routine that I have ever done and that includes Insanity.  This routine is only 30 minutes long and there aren’t very many breaks at all, but I hid the remote so I wouldn’t be tempted.  I found the Squat+Press Hold to be pretty challenging, in which you do squats with a shoulder press at the top for 20 seconds followed by holding the squat for 10 seconds.  It’s really hard to resume the squat-press after coming out of the hold. My legs were on FIRE! Nutrition is still on-point and tomorrow is a rest day followed by Chest and Tris to end out week 1 . BEAST UP!

Phase 1 Day 6: Rest Day

yotb_phase1day6Even though today was a rest day, my wife and I decided that it would be nice to go on a hike. Our original plan was to go to Roan Mountain, but we decided to stay a little closer due to thunderstorms.  We went on a nice hike up Crowder’s Mountain and even though it was cloudy and rainy the view at the top was awesome.  Tomorrow is Chest and Tris and I can’t wait to end week 1 with a great, focused workout.

Phase 1 Day 7: Build Chest & Tris

yotb_phase1day7After watching a video posted by one of the YOTB Challenge Group Leaders, I wanted to approach this workout with a focus on the muscle-mind connection. To do this I had to lower my weight expectations on some of the moves and I am sure glad that I did.  I can tell already that I will be feeling sore for days!  I made sure to do the full range for each move to take advantage of the stretch and contraction.  It’s nice being able to focus on a particular muscle group and ask myself, “Can I squeeze this any harder.”  That’s how you make improvements. Anybody can just go through the motions.  Anyways, I was absolutely wasted once I got to the tricep push-ups and dips.  And so we come to the end of week 1.  My nutrition has been dialed in and I weighed in at 178 this morning which puts me down 5 pounds from 183.8 in just one week.  That really surprised me since I am eating more calories than I have in over a year, but I guess this is what I needed to break my plateau.  Looking forward to week 2. BEAST UP!

Round 1: Build Phase: Week 2


Phase 1 Day 8: Build Legs

yotb_phase1day8I was really excited to start week 2, then I looked and guess what? Build Legs was on the schedule.  Of all the cruel things to do especially on a Monday morning lol.  I found it really hard to get going and motivated this morning.  I felt sluggish and tired even though I got a fair amount of sleep on Sunday night.  Enough whining already right? Well I made myself go up in weight even though my mind was telling me no.  The step-up-reverse-lunges are still killer and they always will be, but I’m making good improvements.  The Bulgarian Squats are getting better and I find that if I really focus on the front leg, the burn is really intense. Overall, I think that today’s workout was just OK, but I am better prepared for next time. BEAST UP!

Phase 1 Day 9: Build Back and Bis

yotb_phase1day9After the cruelty of yesterday’s workout, I was pretty excited that today was Build Back and Bis. I mean who doesn’t like a good bicep workout?  I started today’s workout a little later than I would have liked , but I felt awesome when I was done.  The  1-1-2 hammer curls are absolutely killer and I was only able to get 6 out of  8  reps on the last set.  Overall, today was just OK. I had to slow the pace more than I would have liked, but still much better than sitting on the couch right? Build Shoulders and Beast Abs are on the schedule for tomorrow since I am following the Huge plan. Have a great day and BEAST UP!

Phase 1 Day 10:  Build Shoulders + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day10Shoulders has always been a hard day of the week for me since my left shoulder is a little messed up. but I have been working on it and it’s quickly getting better.  Overall, today’s workout was really good! I improved on most of the moves, but I am still struggling to find the correct weights for me on the dumbbell scap trap. I am, however, finding that I can do way more weight than I thought I could do on the reverse grip shoulder press with the EZ bar.  It would be really nice if I had a bench because using a stability ball for that move is almost impossible for me.  Also, the Sagi Six Ways to end the Shoulders portion of the workout was awesome.  There were all kinds of people in the YOTB group posting videos doing that move which made everyone push really really hard! How awesome is that! Next time around I’ll be attempting 15’s for the last set of 8. Wish me luck and don’t forget to BEAST UP!

Phase 1 Day 11: Rest Day

yotb_phase1day11Today is one of my least favorite days of the week…rest day.  I’m the type of person that always likes to keep moving and be on a routine so rest days really throw me off.  It’s really easy to underestimate the power of a rest day.  They are paramount to continued growth and development and skipping them is detrimental to your gains.  It’s follows the same type of reasoning on why I don’t double up my workouts.  We can really throw off our progress if we cut into recovery time.  That being said, on rest days I like to really focus on dialing in my nutrition.  So far this week I have been hitting perfect macros of 40c/40p/20f and have dubbed this week the #perfectweek. Well, it’s time to drink my Shakeology. BEAST UP!

Phase 1 Day 12: Build Chest and Tris

yotb_phase1day12Again, today is one of my favorite workouts of the week and today I really wanted to focus on the negative. No, not that type of negative. I mean the negative portion of the movements.  It’s really easy to just throw the weight up and let it fall back down to your chest really fast, but what do we accomplish when doing that? NOTHING. It’s really important to have complete control throughout the entire movement. That’s what gets us the strength gains that we are looking for.  I did today’s workout without the DVD because I knew that I was going to take a slower pace so that I could really focus on form and slowing down the movements.  I have maxed out my Bowflex Selecttech 552s for the bench-press moves which is one of the main reasons for me having to slow down.  There’s no point in me just busting out 12 quick presses with 52.5s in each hand.  I’ll see no growth doing that which is why I slowed it down.  Nutrition is still on point and the perfect week is still going strong. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 13: Build Legs

yotb_phase1day13Last week I made it my goal to push really hard this week during legs and to force myself to up the weights.  So that’s what I did.  I still struggled to keep up with the pace of Sagi and the boys and had to hit pause a few times.  I’m finally back up to the weights (40’s) I was using last fall on the step up reverse lunges and I am seeing improvements in the Bulgarian Squats.  I still wish I would have made my plyo box a little smaller because the 20″ side for step-ups is really really high lol. Anyways, I am starting to see more definition in my quads.  I can’t wait to get into the Bulk phase and am looking forward to only having Build Legs 2 more times in the first phase of YOTB.  Tomorrow is Build Back and Bis and the last day of the 2nd week of the Build phase. BEAST UP!

Phase 1 Day 14: Build Back & Bis

yotb_phase1day14I had to get my workout done really early this morning before church so I’m really glad that it wasn’t leg day lol! I got started at 4:45 and for some reason I was really able to bring it this morning.  It’s weird, but there is something about an early morning workout that is just awesome. I thought I would really struggle with getting it done so early, but  I felt more focused and strong that I have so far.  I was ever able to push myself into using 22.5s for the last set of 8 on 1-1-2 hammer curls. My form was fine, but I was only able to get 6 reps so I will use the same weight next week.  Getting 6 out of 8 isn’t bad and it shows me that I am on the right track.  Tomorrow starts the last week of the Build Phase so I am going to push it really hard in preparation for the Bulk Phase.  As far as nutrition is concerned, I completed the #perfectweek with spot on macros which is pretty exciting. Beast UP!

Round 1: Build Phase: Week 3



 Phase 1 Day 15: Build Shoulders + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day15Today is the start of the last week in the Build Phase. Last week my nutrition was on point and I will attempt to do the same this week.  This week Build Shoulders is on the schedule twice and I really wanted to make some improvements.  I had to be careful though because I have been having impingement issues with my left shoulder.  That being said, I was able to increase weights in every category, especially EZ Bar Underhand Press.  I still had issues with the Dumbbell Scap Trap. I will probably have to break down and buy a bench soon so that I know my form is correct for that one.  Overall Sagi Six Ways was awesome and I accepted the challenge to do the last set with 15s.  My form started to slip a tad at the end, but I got it done along with Beast Abs. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 16: REST

yotb_phase1day16Today seemed like an odd day to take a rest day since I didn’t feel like I needed it. BUT then I looked at what was coming up on the calendar. 10 STRAIGHT DAYS of hitting it hard.  When I saw that I decided to take full advantage of this day and focus on my nutritional intake.  Oh, and I got some new whey protein in.  I got it because it was on sale on and had great reviews. It was buy 2 get 1 free so I couldn’t pass it up. I got Mint Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Swirl.  Both flavors taste great and I really like the macro ratios. Tomorrow is Build Chest/Tris. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 17: Build Chest & Tris

yotb_phase1day17Last day of Build Chest and Tris for a while went pretty well.  I’ve practically maxed out my current set of weights for the Dumbbell Chest Press so I really focused on form and pace. I had to go a bit slower than the DVD so I could do slower reps.   I did try to increase weights on several exercises and for the most part it was OK, but during the last set of Partial Chest Flys my form started to suffer a little.  Overall the triceps portion of the workout went well and I was able to do considerably more dips.  I’m really looking forward to the Bulk Phase where focus is only on one muscle group per workout.

Phase 1 Day 18: Build Legs

yotb_phase1day18Today is the last day of Build Legs for at least 6 weeks as we head into the Bulk Phase. I decided that I would bring it really hard today and really up the weight.  The single set of Sumo Squats I really upped the weight and used my EZ Curl Bar loaded with plates.  That really made a huge difference since I wasn’t limited to a 52.5# dumbbell.  During the super set of Alternating lunges and Step Up Reverse Lunges I took small breaks, except on the last set of 8 reps where I really brought it with 40 pounds in each hand.  That was a tough set!  Something felt different for sure today. I just felt like I could pick up anything and do it.  On the last set of Bulgarian Squats I picked up 35s in each hand and just did it. Overall today was awesome. I felt great and thought I did Build Legs justice for the last time until the Beast Phase.

Phase 1 Day 19: Build Back & Bis

yotb_phase1day19I’ve been approaching this workout a little differently for the last 2 weeks.  On the first set of Deadlifts I have transitioned to using the olympic curl bar so that I can increase weight.   I use it for the Pull-overs also.  Today on the first set of pull-ups I was able to do all of them without assistance, but once I got to the close-grip chin-up I used resistance bands with the door attachment.  I am just so spent once I get to that part of the routine.  I did try to increase weight on the last 8 reps of seated bicep curls to 35s and only got 7 so that means I picked the right weight lol!  I increased weight on all sets of the Neutral EZ Bar Curl as well so today was a pretty good day! Beast UP!

Phase 1 Day 20: Build Shoulders + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day20Well we are quickly nearing the end of the Build Phase and today I tackled Build Shoulders and Beast Abs.  I can feel myself getting stronger every time that I do this routine.  It also helps that my shoulders aren’t bothering me anymore.  I increased weight in almost every category, including the infamous 1-1-2 front raises.  Upright rows used to give me all kinds of shoulder pain, but that has almost gone away completely and I am doing better on my form.   The dumbbell scap trap is also getting easier to perform, but I still think I need to do it on a bench.  One area I did not improve on was Sagi Six Ways.  I tried to do the same weight as the last time I did this workout, but I was completely spent and had to drop the weights.  Although I like this workout, I can’t wait to get to Bulk Shoulders which is one of my favorites in the whole program.  I finished off today by crushing Beast Abs. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 21: Beast Cardio & Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day21Last day of the first phase was today and I chose to do Beast Cardio instead of Beast Total Body.  I felt really tired today.  The main problem was that I waited until night to do my workout because I had to be at church really early this morning.  Then after church we spent the day at my parents house for a birthday celebration. I probably ate some foods that I shouldn’t have, but I totally planned on doing that so no regrets.  However, all of this made me feel really sluggish.  I took way to many breaks, especially on the weighted burpee + stretch.  No more waiting until night to do these workouts!  I will pick myself  back up tomorrow morning and start the Bulk Phase with Bulk Chest! Beast UP!

Round 1: Bulk Phase: Week 1


Phase 1 Day 22: Bulk Chest

yotb_phase1day22Woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the first workout of the Bulk Phase.  I really enjoy the workouts in the Bulk Phase because they focus on one specific muscle group.  Bulk Chest is one of my favorites. I mean who doesn’t like a good chest workout? The pace and set progression of this workout is really taxing, especially the Force Set of Chest Press with Rotation followed by the progressive set of incline press.  I’m really excited to be in the Bulk Phase and am considering increasing my calorie goal by following the prescribed formulas in the Book of Beast.  Tomorrow is Bulk Legs which is a real burner. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 23: Bulk Legs

Coming into this workout I didn’t quite know what to expect. It had been quite a while since I had done it and I was a little on edge.  No time is wasted getting this workout started with front to back lunges. That really gets the blood pumping and the legs nice and warmed up.  Next follows a progressive set of squats.  I didn’t tax myself much on these and I think that I need to up the weight next time.  The hardest part of this workout by far is the progressive set of split squats with the olympic bar.  This entire sequence is well over 10 minutes and absolutely crushes.  I can’t wait for the next time to do this workout. I’m going to really bring it! Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 24: Bulk Back

First day of Bulk Back! Today’s workout went well, but I think that there is something missing in this routine. It just seems to end a little too soon.  I do enjoy the progressive set of reverse grip rows, but the force set of one arm rows is tough! But still, it just seems like there should be another set of something. Maybe more pull-ups or something.  Anyways, I am looking forward to tomorrow which is Bulk Arms and Beast Abs. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 25: Bulk Arms + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day25Today’s workout is one of my all-time favorites.  Who doesn’t enjoy an all arms workout?  And this one covers it all. From standing curls to tricep kickbacks. The hardest set is the progression of hammer curls.  I was really humbled by what I thought was light weight.  The last set of 15 is really hard even with a 10# dumbbell.  After demolishing my arms I moved on to Beast Abs and crushed it (I hope lol). Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 26: Bulk Shoulders

yotb_phase1day26So far I am loving these Bulk Phase workouts and today was no exception.  I’ve been having shoulder troubles lately, but today I didn’t have any issues at all.  Usually upright rows kills me and last week there was a little twinge, but not today.  I’m glad we don’t have to do 1-1-2 front raises, but the alternating front raises are just as tough because you can use heavier weights.  The plate twist-twist is a particularly challenging move that is part of the alternating from raise combo set.  It’s really hard to hold the plate at the top for the twist, but I got it done. Tomorrow is a much needed rest. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 27: REST

Today is a much needed rest day after 10 days on. Really crazy how little rest there has been lately, but I guess that’s how we have to transition between phases.  Tomorrow I start back at it with Bulk Chest and it will be 6 days on and one day off throughout this phase. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 28: Bulk Chest

yotb_phase1day28Got up about 20 minutes late, but I was able to squeeze it in before heading off to church. I have changed up my calories to 3000/day and will keep it there for 3 weeks to see what happens. It’s what the Body Beast calculator says I should be at, but it’s going to be tough eating that many cals, but I’ll give it a shot.  Looking through the nutrition guide there are lots of great recipes and we decided to give Body Beast Turkey Chili a try.  It is delicious and will make great leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Beast Up!

Round 1: Bulk Phase: Week 2






Phase 1 Day 29: Bulk Legs

yotb_phase1day29Today I sort of dragged me feet getting started with this workout. I know it’s like ripping of a bandaid and better to just get it over with, but still I waited.  I tried my hardest to keep up with Sagi and the boys today, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I had to hit the pause button a lot, but I got it done.  I upped weight in every category though.  The split squat sequence was absolutely killer.  It gave me the deepest most intense muscle burn I have ever felt!  You seriously don’t know leg day until you do this routine.  I had leftover Body Beast Turkey Chili for lunch and it was awesome.  We will definitely be making more of that in my house. Beast UP!

Phase 1 Day 30: Bulk Back

yotb_phase1day30Woke up thinking that today was Bulk Arms and was a little disappointed when I saw that it was Bulk Back.  Nevertheless, I really brought it today.  I still cannot seem to do many unassisted pull-ups which is surprising because I used to be able to do a ton during P90X3, but maybe it’s just where they seem to fall during this routine.  Reverse grip rows felt really good today and I was able to up the weight by 50# in each set.  Soon I am going to have to use the olympic bench bar for more weight.  I also need to up weight on the force set of 1 arm rows.  Overall today was great and I can’t wait for tomorrow which actually is Bulk Arms. Beast UP!

Phase 1 Day 31: Bulk Arms + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day31After last week’s arms workout I was really looking forward to today.  I decided I was going to break down some mental barriers and just go for it.  I picked up weight that I didn’t think was possible and actually surprised myself.  On every set of 8 I improved.  I kept the set of 15 the same because I treat it as more of a warm-up.  The progressive set of hammer curls was tough, but I was able to up weight to 22.5# for the sets of 8.  This workout gets better and better every time and I can’t wait to see what next week has in store.  I followed up Bulk Arms with Abs and overall had a great workout. Beast Up!

Phase 1 Day 32: Bulk Shoulders

yotb_phase1day32I do love a good shoulder workout.  As I’ve said before, past shoulder problems have prohibited me from really working this area.  I got a late start on today’s workout and was really sore from the day before.  Once I got started though I felt really good and ready to try and up weight from last week.  I think I improved in many areas, although I probably need to drop weight a little on the lateral raises so that my form is perfect.  Upright front rows were just OK, but the alternating front raises were awesome.  I’m back up to the weight I was using last year so I’m happy.  Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 33: Rest

I’ve always been one to hate taking rest days. Lately though, I’ve been using them as not only a time to heal and restore muscles, but also to refocus on what my goals are.  Today I am remembering that this whole transformation process is a marathon and not a sprint.  The results I am looking for are definitely not going to happen over night so I have to trust that the process will continue to work as it always has. I know that I had dabbled with the idea of increasing my calories and I tried it for a little over a week.  I found that I just felt like crap so I decided to go back down to 2400 calories for the time being. Tommorow I jump right back in with Chest which is always one of my favorites. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 34: Bulk Chest

yotb_phase1day34Today’s workout was Bulk Chest and I was really amped that my wife decided to join me today. I always love it when she works out with me.  We both really enjoyed ourselves and absolutely crushed this workout.  I even had a few PRs which is always exciting. The rest of the day was spent at my wife’s parents house doing yard work.  I don’t get a whole lot of time to spend outside so it was really nice to hang out in the outdoors.  Plus, I got to spend time with some really awesome folks.  Tomorrow my wife and I have to be at church pretty early so I won’t be able to tackle Bulk Legs until after. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 35: Bulk Legs

yotb_phase1day35To be completely honest, when I got home from church I was pretty worn out and didn’t want to do anything.  I spent a couple hours lounging on the couch watching TV and I just couldn’t will myself to get up and get after it.  It was a tough mental struggle, but I finally downed my pre-workout which gave me 30 minutes to prepare my mind.  And then the tingles hit me and I was ready to go!  It did take me a little while to get warmed up and read to go, but I pushed it pretty hard today and even upped the weight on the split leg squats.  I didn’t bother working out with Sagi and the guys today because I knew that there was no way I could stay at their pace, but I got it done to round out week 5. I can’t believe how fast this first round if flying by. Beast Up!

Round 1: Bulk Phase: Week 3

Phase 1 Day 36: Bulk Back

yotb_phase1day36Today I felt really strong and had several personal bests.  I originally was going to approach today (this whole week in fact) slightly different since the Spartan Super is this coming Saturday.  I definitely do not want to wear myself out as I expect the race to be pretty taxing.  However, once the DVD started I couldn’t help myself and went all out.  I upped weight on the pull overs, reverse grip rows, one arms rows, and reverse flys.  Overall it was a perfect workout. I know that I should probably back off a little as the week progresses, but we shall see. Beast UP!


Phase 1 Day 37: Bulk Arms + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day37Any arm workout is awesome in my book, but this one keeps getting better and better each time.  It’s definitely a muscle pumper.  The first set is a progressive set of standing curls.  I have gradually increased weight/reps each week and I think the Beast is happy with my progress.  I’ve learned that if I am not totally fatigued on the 8 set then I am not doing enough weight.  I now try to fail at 6 or 7 the first time I up weight and then get all 8 the next time I do the same workout.  If you aren’t failing then you aren’t growing.  Overall, today was pretty successful and I had several PRs. The last day of the cycle before the rest day is tomorrow, but I haven’t decided whether I am going to take the rest day on Thursday or Friday.  I am leaning towards Friday since the race is on Saturday. Beast UP!


Phase 1 Day 38: Bulk Shoulders

yotb_phase1day38I struggled a little bit today with my left shoulder.  The upright rows were particularly difficult.  I think I might start doing those with dumbbells instead of the EZ bar so that I’m not so restrained in motion.  Also, I didn’t get to start my workout when I wanted to and pushed it until the afternoon so maybe that affected me a bit. Otherwise, I crushed this workout.  Even the alternating front raises on which I was able to use 30s. That’s crazy!  Also, my fantasy football draft is tonight so I am glad that tomorrow is a rest day.  Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 39: Rest

I did decide to take the rest day today instead of switching with tomorrow, mostly because the draft went much longer than I expected and I didn’t get to sleep until after 1AM. No biggie though, I’ll just go a little lighter on Bulk Chest tomorrow before the Spartan Super on Saturday. Beast UP!


Phase 1 Day 40: Bulk Chest

yotb_phase1day40Year of the Beast day 40 Bulk Chest completed and I’ve had my daily dose of dense nutrition, Shakeology with almond milk and cinnamon swirl whey. I took it a little easy today because I don’t want to wear myself out for the Spartan Super tomorrow. Well, maybe not too easy, but a little easier than normal. That being said I think I’ll be skipping Bulk Legs tomorrow morning! Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 41: Virginia Spartan Super (Bulk Legs lol)

TeamFoFSuperWell, today was the Spartan Super and it was awesome. Click the link above for my review of the day. This was most definitely a valid substitute for Bulk Legs.  I really think that these Body Beast leg workouts prepared me well for the grueling climbs, carries, and descents. Beast Up!

Round 1: Bulk Phase: Week 4

Phase 1 Day 42: Bulk Back (aka REST 🙂 )

As the heading states, today should be Bulk Back, but that just isn’t happening lol! I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  Guess we really pushed it yesterday during the Spartan Super.  That being said, today will most definitely be a rest and stretch kind of day and I’ll get back after it tomorrow with Bulk Arms and Beast Abs! Rest UP! lol


Phase 1 Day 43: Bulk Arms + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day43And We’re BACK!  I feel much much better today. The day to rest and recuperate yesterday was much needed.  My legs are still a bit sore from all of the hill climbing, but that didn’t keep me from giving Bulk Arms and Beast ABs my best effort today. My left shoulder started to bug me a little bit about halfway through the workout so I’m going to have to keep an eye on it for the rest of this week.  Nutrition has been a little shaky lately so I am really focusing on dialing it in. Beast up!


Phase 1 Day 44: Bulk Shoulders

yotb_phase1day44Yesterday I had mentioned that my left shoulder was bothering me a little bit and halfway through today’s workout is was unbearable so I had to stop early.  I really hate doing that, but it’s really important to listen to what your body is telling you.  After all, it wasn’t a shoulder problem, but biceps tendonitis.  I hope this doesn’t continue for too long and I will ice it in the mean time.


Phase 1 Day 45: REST

Definitely needing the rest day today because this biceps tendonitis is really killing me. I can barely lift my left arm, but like I said thankfully it is a rest day.


Phase 1 Day 46: Bulk Chest

Well my arm is feeling a little better today thanks to icing and anti-inflammatory medication. I did go a little lighter than normal as a precaution.  For the next four days I will be away on vacation with my family.  I do plan on taking my weights with me. No slacking off here!  I don’t see working out as a chore, but it has become part of my daily routine.  Some see working out as a punishment or something like that and as long as they do I don’t think they will ever be able to keep the results they are looking for.  Sure, they might get ripped, but will they truly be able to hang onto the results if they see working out as a daily chore? I don’t think so! It truly is a lifestyle change. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 47: Bulk Legs

yotb_phase1day47We arrived last night at the lake we are staying at over Labor Day with my family and I was really excited to start this mornings workout. Yes, even if it was leg day. The house we are staying at has a big deck over looking the lake and I thought it would be a great idea to workout outside.  Overall, the workout went well, but I think I am coming down with a cold of some sort.  I hope it doesn’t put me out of commission for too long.  As long as I am able though, I will continue to kill these Beast workouts.  Nutrition is probably going to be a little off this weekend because it is my Mom’s birthday celebration, but it’s all good! If you don’t indulge every now and then you’ll lose your mind. So I’ll probably eat stuff I don’t normally. I did bring my Shakeology and supplements with me so at least I’ll have that going for me. Beast Up!

Round 1: Bulk Phase: Week 5
Round 1: Bulk Phase: Week 6

Phase 1 Day 57: Rest


Phase 1 Day 58: Bulk Chest

yotb_phase1day58Just put in an awesome chest workout.  It felt amazing.  Huge pump and strength gains.  I tried a different approach to pre-workout supplements this morning.  Instead of just taking C4 and R&R 30 minutes before, I took R&R and BCAAs 45 minutes before and then another scoop of R&R, 1 scoop of C4, and 30 grams of quick absorbing protein 15 minutes before. Then during the workout I sipped on some more R&R and BCAAs.  Not sure if that’s what made the difference, but ‘ll try it for a little while longer and see.  Hopefully it’ll make Bulk Legs more bearable tomorrow, but I doubt it :).  Today was the last time doing Bulk Chest for 2 weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the longer, Build workouts during the Beast Phase where I will cut calories and hopefully some of this fat that I’ve gained since week 1. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 59: Bulk Legs

yotb_phase1day59My absolute favorite day of the week…leg day. Just kidding! I hate leg day.  It’s just so dang hard, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get where I want to go.  It is way to easy to just hit the pause button during this workout or drop the weights mid set.  You have to have a lot of willpower to get through it, but it is definitely worth the hard work! One thing that would make this workout better for me would be a squat rack for the progressive set of squats.  Currently I am limited to a curl bar with plates, but it’s not quite enough weight.  Someday though! Overall, today;s workout was awesome and the last time doing Bulk Legs for a few weeks.  During the Beast Phase I know that Build Legs is thrown back into the mix so it’ll be nice to see how I stack up to how I performed in the Build Phase.  I am going for 2200 calories again today so we’ll see how that goes. I am definitely hungrier than when I was at 2400 and will be even more so next week when I cut to 1900. Wish me luck and Beast UP!


Phase 1 Day 60: Bulk Back

yotb_phase1day60Day 60 is here and I had a great workout this morning. Probably the best Bulk Back yet. I was able to increase weight on most of the moves.  I am running into the same problem as with Bulk Legs. I need to get an olympic bar since I can only load so much onto the curl bar, especially on the dead lifts.  Nutrition was pretty good yesterday. I even had room for a cheeseburger so that was a plus!  Today I aim to do the same so I can start to uncover the work that I put in during the Build and Bulk phases when we start the Beast phase on Monday.  Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 61: Bulk Arms + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day61Year of the Beast day 61 Bulk Arms + Beast Abs. Put in a great workout this morning. Feeling a little fluffy, but I improved in a ton of areas. When I look back at my workout sheets if I see that I’ve been doing the same weight for 3 weeks, I force myself to pick heavier weights.  You know, I might not get all of the reps, but that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about straining yourself to do better.  If you aren’t struggling, you aren’t growing. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 62: Bulk Shoulders

yotb_phase1day62Year of the Beast day 62 Bulk Shoulders. A day late, but definitely not a dollar short! Put in an awesome shoulder workout tonight and an ready to start the Beast phase in the morning. Time to cut cals and drop done weight. I think I’ll be dropping to 1700 cals from 2400 for the next 3 weeks and then build up slowly again for the second phase of YotB. Beast Up

Round 1: Beast Phase: Week 1

Phase 1 Day 64: Build Chest & Tris

yotb_phase1day64It’s been quite a while since we’ve had this workout and man did I miss it.  Although I do like focusing on one muscle group at a time, doing two is completely different.  One thing I don’t miss however, is the length.  The Build workouts are considerably longer than the Bulk ones.  As far as nutrition goes,  I am cutting calories by 700 to 2400 a day.  I expect this to be a struggle, but it’s all part of the plan. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 65: Bulk Legs

yotb_phase1day65Didn’t look at the schedule before I went to bed and woke up thinking I had Build Legs.  Needless to say, it was a welcome surprise to see Bulk Legs instead.  Don’t get me wrong, Bulk Legs is terribly hard, but I don’t think it holds a candle to Build Legs.  Overall, the workout was pretty good.  I really really wish I had a squat rack though (and also the room to put one lol). Finished off the morning with my daily dose of Shakeology and I’m ready to crush day 2 of the Beast phase nutrition. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 66: Tempo Back & Bis

yotb_phase1day66Year of the Beast day 66 Tempo Back & Bis. The Beast phase is starting off well and today’s workout has me completely spent. The tempo workouts are no joke. Nutrition has been on point so far this week and I feel great. Beast Up! #yotb #beastmode#crushedit


Phase 1 Day 67: Beast Cardio + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day67An absolute monster combo today! Forgot how tough Beast Cardio is.  It is a beast. Feels more like an asylum workout than a Body Beast one and man is it a soaker.  Huge DNA release onto the mat this morning.  Then to top it all off, Beast Abs follows.  I mean it’s not like we did any ab work int Beast Cardio right? WRONG lol! Double whammy for the abdominals today.  I will have perfect nutrition for the fourth day in a row today.  With the reduction in calories I can already tell that I am losing BF and it’s awesome. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 68: Rest

Definitely need a rest day today.  Nutrition has been on point thus far and I hope to keep it up throughout the rest of this phase.

Phase 1 Day 69: Bulk Arms

yotb_phase1day69Year of the Beast day 69 Bulk Arms. I was blessed to workout with the wonderful Ashley Kernicky this morning. She absolutely killed this workout. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 70: Build Shoulders

yotb_phase1day70I was up really early this morning so I decided to knock out today’s workout before church.  I forgot just how hard Build Shoulders is and was humbled by several of the moves, especially the 1-1-2 front raises.  Nutrition is likely to be a little off today as far as macros goes because we are tailgating before the Steelers-Panthers game (Go Steelers!), but no biggie.  If you don’t live a little, you’re likely to fall off the wagon.  So allow yourself a little wiggle room and Beast Up!

Round 1: Beast Phase: Week 2

Phase 1 Day 71: Bulk Chest

yotb_phase1day71Year of the Beast day 71 Bulk Chest. This program is really flying by. This is the start of the second to last week before we begin all over again. Like I mentioned yesterday, nutrition last night was not on point and I had more than I should have.  However, I believe there is something to what they call “re-feed” days, because I woke up lighter than I have been since the end of the Build Phase.  Pretty cool!  I think I might start adding in a “re-feed” day once per week to see how it really affects me. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 72: Build Legs

yotb_phase1day72Here it is. The day I have been dreading for a while.  The return of Build Legs and the infamous step-up reverse lunges. Maybe I let my mind get in the way today because it was less than my best effort I have to say.  It took way longer than it should have and I wasn’t able to use the same weights from the last time I did this workout.  No biggie though. There will be days like today, but you just have to let it go and come back stronger the next day. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 73: Beast Total Body + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day73Year of the Beast day 73 Beast Total Body + Beast Abs. I had a choice between this and Beast Cardio, but chose Total Body to keep it interesting.  I probably should be doing cardio because I’m really trying to cut body fat, but today was amazing. My heart rate was way up the entire time due to the fast pace and every part of me way worked. Huge calorie burn. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 74: Rest

I promise that I understand the importance of rest days, but man do I hate them.  I feel lazy and sluggish all day when I don’t get my early morning Beast pumping.  I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to get back after it! Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 75: Bulk Back

yotb_phase1day75Year of the Beast day 75 Bulk Back. Are there really only 8 workouts left in this round? Yep! Its really flying by and it’s crunch time. I think I’ve made some pretty good progress so far and can’t wait to see what the next 3 rounds have instore. Beast up!

Phase 1 Day 76: Bulk Arms + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day76I put in some really good work today. I think that my arms have shown the most improvement in this round.  When I measured them it seems that they have grown by 1/2 an inch which is pretty good progress in my opinion.  Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 77: Beast Cardio

I put off this workout until the evening which was probably a mistake.  I spent the majority of the afternoon at the fair and ate a few things that I shouldn’t have. Oh well, live and learn! Needless to say I didn’t want to press play and I felt a little sluggish throughout.  BUT, I got it done which is what counts and I feel good that I didn’t throw in the towel. Beast Up!

Round 1: Beast Phase: Week 3

Phase 1 Day 78: Build Chest & Tris

yotb_phase1day78Year of the Beast day 75 Bulk Shoulders. Are there really only 8 workouts left in this round? Yep! Its really flying by and it’s crunch time. I think I’ve made some pretty good progress so far and can’t wait to see what the next 3 rounds have instore. Beast up!

Phase 1 Day 79: Bulk Legs

yotb_phase1day79Year of the Beast day 79 Bulk Legs. I wish I could say that today was the last leg day of the first round, but it looks like Beast Cardio aka legs part dos is on the schedule twice in this last week. Overall today was a great workout. I decided to check my ego at the door and lower the weight to stay on track with Sagi and the boys. Even though I can do way more weight, the quick pace made for a heck of a workout. Beast up! #yotb #legday #beastmode #checkyouregoatthedoor

Phase 1 Day 80: Beast Cardio + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day80Year of the Beast day 80 Beast Cardio + Beast Abs. This workout never seems to get any easier. No matter how many times I’ve done this one, I’m toast at the end and we’re scheduled to do beast cardio one more time this week. Next week will be a deload week where we will be doing week 1 as a prep week again with lower weights. Round 2 will officially start on October the 13th. I can’t wait! Beast up! #yotb #bodybeast #cardiowithweights #toastytoast

Phase 1 Day 81: Rest

Phase 1 Day 82: Build Back & Bis

yotb_phase1day82Year of the Beast day 82 Build Back and Bis. Last time hitting these muscle groups in this round. Only 2 more days left before the recovery week. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 83: Bulk Shoulders

yotb_phase1day83Year of the Beast day 83 Bulk Shoulders. Only one more day in the first round! I haven’t seen much move on the scale, but that’s not what this is about for me. I’m much stronger than when we started and can’t wait to see what the next round brings. Beast Up!


Phase 1 Day 84: Beast Total Body + Beast Abs

yotb_phase1day84Year of the Beast day 84 Total Body + Beast Abs. Last official day of the first round. Tomorrow starts the transition/deload week.  My weight hasn’t changed much throughout the first phase, but I think body composition has. I’m ready to see what the 2nd round brings. Beast up!

Round 2: Build Phase: Week 1

Phase 2 Day 1: Build Chest and Tris

yotb_phase2day1And we’re back! After a pretty good recovery week it’s time to start Round 2 of Year of the Beast. The last couple days of nutrition has been sub par, but I am refreshed and ready to tackle this first week.  Today’s workout was pretty awesome. I decided to do some cardio in the morning so I popped in T25 Alpha Cardio.  I really need to work on endurance because we run the Spartan Beast in less than 2 weeks. Anyways, Build Chest and Tris had to wait until the afternoon and I think I’ll wait until the evenings from now on to Body Beast if my schedule permits. I’ve heard that round 2 is the best so I can’t wait to see what it brings.  For the first couple weeks I will be at 1900 cals and a 50p/25c/25f ratio. Let’s do this! Beast up!


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