What about supplements?

supplementsSo you’ve been pressing play and are continuing to dial in your nutrition. Great job!  But now you are wondering if there is anything else to help you on your way.  Are there any supplements out there that are worth taking?  Absolutely!  Supplementing is a great way to maximize your results and get the shredded body you want.  Below are some of my favorite supplements that I have used during my transformation.


The following are the TWO that I have used from the beginning and I believe were essential for getting me to where I am. But experiment for yourself and see what works for you!

1) Shakeology is of course my overall favorite supplement.  If I have to chooses between it and #2 on my list, Shakeology wins hands down.  I first decided to try it after hearing so much about it from the challenge group I was in. And heck with a 30 Day money-back bottom-of-the-bag guarantee, who wouldn’t give it a go?  From the first month I was hooked and have been taking it ever since.  You just can’t beat the nutritional value that it delivers.  Sure it does cost more than the average, run-of-the-mill meal replacement or whey protein, but it has so many nutrients and superfoods inside there really is no comparison.   You’ll have to decide if it’s right for you and your budget.  Click HERE for more info.

2) Whey Protein is great for fueling your muscles and getting in you protein requirement for the day, especially if you are on the Fat Shredder plan. Of course, if you are eating enough lean meats during the day, whey protein powder may not be necessary.  As a note, if you are using store-bought jerky to boost your protein intake, be careful because that sodium will add up in a hurry!  I have used many different protein powders during the past 2 years.  Dymatize Iso 100, GNC’s Amplified Wheybolic, Optimum Nutritions Standard Whey, and MusclePharm Assault to name a few.  Overall, I think MusclePharm tastes the best in my opinion and is what I am currently using.

This concludes my list of  essentials, but I have used the following supplements as well on a regular basis.

3) Pre-workouts are a great supplement to really jack up the intensity of a workout.  Pre-workouts have differing effects from person to person so preference will vary.  I have tried several including: C4, NO Xplode, 1MR, and Muscle Pharm Assault. Overall I would have to say that C4 is my favorite and has a myriad of tasty flavors to choose from.

4) Creatine essentially draws fluid into muscles so that more nutrients are delivered which helps with both building and recovery.  It also aids in short term increased in energy and strength.  I use micronized creatine monohydrate from Optimum Nutrition.

I am currently evaluating Intraworkouts and Results and Recovery Formula and will post my opinion soon!

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