Wasting Time

The greatest excuse that we tell ourselves is that we don’t have enough time. Not enough time to workout. Not enough time to plan meal. Not enough time for whatever. How bad is that? That we say we don’t have enough time to take care of oursleves? What are some common time sinks that keep people from realizing their true potential?

  • Mindless TV
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Videogames

I’m guilty of ever single one of these at one point or another. I get a kick out of comedy sitcoms just like everybody else, but in the long run what is that going to do for me? Nothing.  It takes a conscious effort to turn off the TV, quit scrolling social media, and put down the controller, but after a while working out and planning meals becomes a habit.

I know my schedule may not be a busy as some other people’s, but I still make time to workout 6 days a week. Don’t get me wrong, I still play the heck out of videogames (Destiny is simply amazing and Fallout isn’t going to play itself lol). I still do what I like to do, but I make the time to improve my health and fitness. Find out where you are wasting time and fill it with something good for you. I’m constantly reminded of a quote by Dave Ramsey,

“If you’ll live like no one else, later you can LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE.” 

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