Throw Out the Scale

ScaleStop worrying about tracking your weight! It is not a true measure of your overall health.

We love to measure our progress by how much we weigh, but we need stop fixating on the scale. Weight is just ONE measurement. It’s just a number  and it does NOT always present your true progress. The goal for most people is weight loss. We want to get smaller. If that’s our goals, wouldn’t we just stop eating? Our goal isn’t just to lose weight. Weight is relative, indicating only whether we are getting bigger or smaller.

So instead of using the scale, we should measure progress by body composition. Body fat percentage is calculated as the weight of fat divided by total body weight. What we are really after is losing body fat which is almost always accompanied by weight loss. We should focus on lowering body fat percentage. This is much better for your health than focusing on a stupid weight.

We often get caught up in setting weight loss goals. I have sure done it. I did it earlier this year in fact. I wanted to weigh 180 lbs. Why? I have no clue. It just sounded like a good number to me. Have I gotten there yet? NO. Do I care? Absolutely NOT! It’s not my goal anymore. I now track my body fat percentage. Do I still weigh myself? Sure, but it is not my sole focus. The key is to be consistent with your nutrition and to be patient! If you focus on what your fueling yourself with and BRING IT during your workouts each day, you will see results.

So how do you measure your body composition? The easiest way is just look in the mirror. You can truly see differences just looking in the mirror. The absolute best way to measure body composition is using fat calipers (you will also need a scale). A great calculator and videos on how to measure using calipers can be found here.

Keep bringing it team FoF!


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