The Perfect Week

What’s happening guys! As some of you know, last week I didn’t have the greatest nutrition.  Not that I ate a ridiculous amount of junk food–the food I ate was actually pretty healthy, but I had too much of it (Kashi Cereals are my weakness lol). It made me feel awful physically and emotionally. That being said, I set out this week ready to rock and roll. I decided to make a plan and stick to it. I logged all of my food for the next day the night before . I mentioned the benefit of doing this in an earlier post here. So how did I do Monday-Friday this week? Let’s see…



So far so good! I’m hitting near perfect macros everyday. Note that the picture above shows that I am within 1% of the target goal in each category (if not dead on), but if you are 2 or 3% away that’s just fine too! The important thing is consistency. If I can do it, anybody can do it. One day turns into two then three then four and before long it’s a habit.  Besides fueling your body what it needs, setting nutritional goals and hitting them make you feel good. 

Note: If you want to see what I had to eat these days just add me on MFP. My username is tkernicky. Currently I am on the Fat Shredder Plan as lined out in the P90X guide which is why my macros are 50p/30c/20f.

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