The Importance of Goals

Setting Goals“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”
-J.P. Morgan

Today I reached a goal that I set earlier this year to weigh 180 lbs. To be honest, I thought it could have been done much sooner, but losing 40 lbs. in a year is nothing to shake a stick at! What if I never set that goal? Would I be where I’m at today? Maybe, maybe not, but setting that goal gave me something to strive for day in, day out.

Setting goals is the most important part of any journey and fitness is no different.  It gives you something to work towards.  It keeps you from getting burned out. So what are your goals?

  • Do you want to lose or gain weight?
  • Do you want to lower your body fat percentage?
  • Do you want to achieve a personal record for a 5k?

Whatever you want to achieve, the first thing you should do is write it down and place it somewhere you will see it everyday. Also, set a date you want to accomplish it by. This creates a mindset of purpose and urgency. It may take you longer to reach that goal, but you know what? That’s absolutely fine!  Remember, fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re in this for life, not just for the next 30, 60, or 90 days! So don’t quit! Progress, no matter how small is still progress! Next, tell someone. This can be the hardest part, but is the most rewarding. Knowing that you have someone watching that is going to keep you accountable is one of the best catalysts for moving forward. This is one of the greatest things about Challenge Groups. It’s a community determined to lift and motivate people, helping them live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

goals wordle

So what are my current goals?

  1. Daily: To be better than I was the day before and to keep pressing play.
  2. Short-term: Continue to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass.
  3. Long-term: To be a Top Beachbody Coach!

Now that I’ve told you what my goals are you can keep me accountable. I’d love to know what your goals are so email me at Some things to consider: Make sure your goals are realistic. Don’t immediately set yourself up for failure. Stay focused on your goals. Join an accountability group together to keep you motivated and provide accountability (a Challenge group is a great place to start and I can help get you into one). You have great goals in mind, so set them. No excuses, play like a Champion. Remember, you CAN do it, you WON’T give up. Let’s bring it teamFoF!


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