Spartan Super Virginia Review

TeamFoFSuperThis past weekend, myself and a few teammates tackled the Super Spartan at the Wintergreen Ski Resort in Virginia nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is the second of three Spartan race that we planned to do this year on our way to completing the Trifecta.

I didn’t really know what to expect other than that this was going to be one tough race.  Apparently it is THE hardest Super that they offer.  SpartanSuperTKDKThe entire race is nothing but endless hills. Up, down, up, down, and then up again.  But they really kept it interesting.  A good amount of the race was spent in dense woods where we had to traverse slippery rocks and wallow through mud.  The course always kept us guessing as to what obstacle would come next. Obstacles ranged from wall climbs, bag/log/bucket full of rocks/stone carries, to a ridiculously long mud crawl under barbed wire on a steep incline.  The weighted carries would have been crazy over flat distances, but these were up and down the slippery slopes.  Each step took careful planning and caution.  The hardest carry was a 5 gallon bucket filled to the brim with rocks which we had to carry all the way to the top of a steep hill and back.

SpartanSuperTKAKIt was really odd, but when we were going straight up hill, we wished for a downhill and when we were going downhill wished we were going up. To add to the complexity of the course, the day was really cloudy and a thick fog was hanging over the course and it only got worse as the day went on.   Plus, it rained pretty hard on and off.  It was just a non-stop quad killer. The last mile of the race was one obstacle after another, the hardest of which was the barbed wire mud crawl.  The last Spartan race that we did had a nice, flat crawl, but this one was on a steep hill and it was hard to keep from sliding, especially at the end. That was quickly followed by the rope climb.  When we crossed the finish line it was difficult to see even 50 feet ahead, but we had finished.  A huge sense of accomplishment follows finishing a race like this.  There is nothing like setting out to do something you have never done or even thought you could do and doing it.  We are looking forward to the next race, the Carolina Spartan Beast on October 25th.  This will complete the Trifecta of doing a Sprint, Super, and Beast in the same calendar year.  These races ROCK. I encourage you to try one.  And you don’t have to be super duper fit to try one either.  We saw fit people struggling and non-fit people giving it their all.  You truly don’t know until you’ve tried it.




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