Should You Weigh Food?

I hear all the time how hard it is to track macro nutrient intake, weigh food, and so on and while I agree that it can be difficult at first, it is one of the most important things you can do to get the life changing transformation that you want a deserve. And no, I don’t agree with the statement that 80% of fat loss comes from the kitchen and 20% from working out. To me it takes 100% dedication to both to get really amazing results in a fairly short time.  You’d be surprised what can be accomplished in as little as 3 months. The first time I did P90X2 I lost 38 pounds in just 90 days! That really shows what 100% dedication to eating right and in the right amounts can do for you. But are there ways you can fine tune what you put into your body to increase the effectiveness of your eating plan? Absolutely. And that’s why I weigh many of the things I eat to maximize my potential. After all, we improve on what we measure which is why I measure what I eat. Am I crazy? Maybe just a tad lol! Is this going overboard? I don’t think so. Check out this quick video on why I weigh my food.

Why I Weigh Food

Are you doing everything you can to maximize your results? It’s time to get after it!

~Coach Kernicky

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