Will T Crushes It!

Will T. has been a part of this team for a while and has really been getting after it.  After the birth of his daughter, he decided never to go back!  And once he started there was no stopping him. Overall, he has lost over 100 pounds by working out and dialing in his nutrition. Check out his pictures below and read his story.




 Will’s story in his own words

“Before I started the program I was a 300+ lbs lazy man who could down a bag of chips a day. I was very active in high school. However when I went to college the freshman 15 turn into the freshman 50 and every year it seemed that I was gaining more and more weight. I hated the way I looked however there was no one in my life who would tell me that I was starting to gain too much weight, which I really needed. I was just overweight, unmotivated, and complacent with my appearance and way of life.

My motivation came with the birth of my first daughter, Maci. As soon as people started showing pictures of us all together it really hit me that I had gained an enormous amount of weight. Then looking back at pictures of my wedding I noticed that I barely recognized the person in the pictures. I made a promise to my wife and daughter that I would be healthy enough to walk Maci down the isle on her own wedding day. With the way my lifestyle was going I was not sure if that could happen and I had to make a change. The greatest challenge for me before was the motivation and nutrition. I would always put off working out or eating right because I thought no one will know if I don’t do it this time.

What I most enjoyed about T25 was that I could do it on my schedule. Having a toddler and a full time job it becomes a challenge to plan a time each day to go to the gym at the same time, however with T25 I was able to easily jump in whenever I found time. Having a support group and a fantastic coach was the different maker for me. Having a person who is genuinely interested in helping a person really makes a difference. As of now I am down to 185 lbs down from a size 48 pants and 2XL shirts to a size 32 and a Large shirt size.”

Will T.

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