PiYo Holiday Slimdown

It’s getting to be that time of year when we all put health and fitness on the back burner for the sake of busy schedules. It doesn’t help that we are bombarded with Holiday treats and parties either. BUT, it doesn’t have to be this way!Picture1

I have always been one for the hardcore workouts like P90X, Insanity, P90X3, and Body Beast. I absolutely love the challenge of pushing myself to the limit, But you can only push to the limit for so long.  I felt completely drained after the last Spartan race and I can tell that I need to start incorporating some type of recovery and mobility type of workout into my routine.  And I think PiYo is just the program to do that.  I know that this type of strength and flexibility program will help to protect my back, shoulders and neck from future injuries.  I’m also really excited to extend my range of motion so that I can make the most out of my other workout (Body Beast). The thing I am most excited about is that I will be doing this program with my beautiful wife Ashley!

Who is PiYo For? EVERYONE!

PiYo isn’t just some program geared towards just men or just women. It offers something for everyone. Do you fit into any of these categories?

  • Women and men who want to lose weight
  • People who want to build lean muscle without bulk
  • Fitness Beginners
  • Extreme fitness enthusiasts {like me 🙂 }
  • People who enjoy Pilates and yoga, but feel they need a little extra cardio
  • People who want the results of extreme programs without jumps, weights, of straining their joints
  • People who have no equipment

That pretty much covers everybody I think!

So What is PiYo?

PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity body-transformation program. It uses the most effective Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves set to a fast pace to help you burn fat while you sculpt long, lean muscles. You’ll carve every inch of your body without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints. And rest assured, there’s no complex choreography to learn. Chalene Johnson takes you step-by-step through the moves where you’ll use your body weight to lose weight and get intensely defined! You get your strength, your cardio, and your flexibility training all in one program.

Why is PiYo Effective?

PiYo delivers the muscle-sculpting, core-focused benefits of Pilates along with the flexibility and power of yoga. PiYo’s low-impact compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups at the same time—while keeping your body in constant motion. As you progress from one fluid movement to the next without rest, you’ll maintain an optimal heart rate to incinerate calories throughout the whole workout!The result? You get a low-impact, high-intensity, total-body workout, giving you a physique that’s long, lean, and powerfully defined.

PiYo Challenge Group

Need the motivation and accountability to absolutely crush this Holiday season with PiYo? JOIN OUR NEXT 60 DAY PIYO CHALLENGE GROUP starting on December 1st! Why join a challenge you ask? Our Challenge Groups are exclusive, private groups for people doing Beachbody workout programs.  While we have groups that are open for those doing any and all programs, it’s the groups where everyone is doing the same program that see really AMAZING RESULTS.  Everyday, we will do the same workout. Plus, the nutrition plan will be followed by everyone.  We will share our triumphs as well as our struggles.  We will be there to help motivate each other and to provide awesome accountability to help reach our goals.  This is going to be an awesome group run by my wife Ashley and me. Here are the details:
► Have a FREE Team Beachbody Account with either Ashley (HERE) or myself (HERE) as your Coach
► Do PIYO by the book.
► Follow the nutrition plan and track all your food. (We improve on what we consistently measure)
► Join and participate in an exclusive private PiYo Challenge Group 
► Commit to BRING IT!
► Most Importantly: HAVE FUN!

???Are you ready???

Come join us and make this upcoming holiday season truly merry and bright!

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