Paid to Get Fit

Npaid to get fiteed some extra motivation to workout and eat healthier?

Want to get paid to get fit?

Sweet, me too. That’s why I’m taking the Beachbody Health Bet Challenge.

What is it?

Beachbody is betting over a Million Bucks to help keep you in the game of getting healthy and fit. All participants will take an equal share in the pot. Plus, each Challenge Pack sold through August 31st will add another $5 to the pot. Pretty sweet right?

When is it?

The Health Bet Challenge will take place between September 5th – October 2nd.

How do I get paid to get fit?

Simple. Just meet the following 3 requirements.

  1. You must participate in a Challenge Group using the My Challenge Tracker app by the start of the Challenge. So by 11:59pm EST 9/5 you better be in the game!
  2. Log at least 5 Shakeology with photo proof during each week of the Challenge.
  3. Log at least 3 workouts each week of the Challenge.

Easy right?

No kidding.

What do I have to do to sign up?

Fill out this form below and I’ll contact you on how to join and download the app. This is a great opportunity to get back in the game with some serious Bucks on the line. Let’s get started! It’s nice to be paid to get fit.


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