P90X3 Phase 1 Review

I have finished all of the workouts for Phase 1 of P90X3 and let me tell you, I had a blast! My wife and I are having so much fun with the X3 Battle of the RIPPED Challenge Group. Tons of people have plugged in and are pushing play everyday and seeing phenomenal results already.

P90X3 is broken down into three phases just like classic P90X and X2. I am going to review all of the workouts in the first block including the transistion week.

P90X3 Phase 1 Workouts

Total Synergistics — This is a phenomenal total body workout that incorporates weights for some of the moves and requires activation of your core. There is also a balance component to some of these moves. One involves standing on one foot while doing curls. You can easily modify this move. Instead of lifting your foot completely off the floor, you may place 75% of your weight on one foot and 25% on the other or whatever ratio feels right to you. Just keep at it and you’ll be at 100%-0% in time. There are also some pull-up and chin-up move that incorporate the core as well. If these seem too hard, drop the core portion and focus on doing the pull-ups and chin-ups assisted if necessary. Most importantly, don’t get discouraged. Do your best and forget the rest!

Agility X — This is a really great workout designed to elevate your HR. It is heavily focused on balance an coordination, but it a blast. It doesn’t require you to write anything down, so just focus on your form and bring it! Are your quads on fire? Good, there supposed to be.

X3 Yoga — Yoga? Really? Yes! Tony has really done it this time. I used to skip the yoga workouts in P90X and X2 because they were so lengthy, but 30 minutes is right down my alley! Some of the moves are difficult at first, but focus on your breathing and you’ll do fine. After you finish you’ll feel stretched out and limber. Please don’t skip this one. After all, flexibility is an important part of achieving overall fitness.

The Challenge — This is my favorite workout of all the Block 1 workouts! It’s nothing but good ol’ fashioned push and pull. You pick a number for both push-ups and pull-ups, it could be 20 push-ups and 10 pull-ups or you could try to match Sean and do 40-18. That guy is ridiculous! Don’t forget, its quality over quantity so if you need to modify drop to your knees for push-ups or use the pull-up assist or a chair for pull-ups. This workout it TOUGH and it’s supposed to be!

CVX — Pick a weight and don’t put it down for this great cardio workout. You definitely get out what you put in with this one so squat deeper, move faster, jump higher and I guarantee you’ll burn a ton of calories. To be honest, this one is pretty hard for me. I started trying to use a 10# medicine ball, but that was a little too much to keep good form so I have since dropped to an 8# ball. If weights are too much just use a basketball, towel, or alley cat (Tony loves his cat jokes lol).

The Warrior — No equipment necessary, just you and gravity. This is a great workout that Tony designed with the military in mind. The Warrior is practically a total body circuit. It’s a really great workout to take with you anywhere. You alternate between core, upper body, lower body, and cardio. It’s pretty fast paced and over before you know it. Overall this is a world-class total body workout that is great anytime, anywhere.

P90X3 Transition Week Workouts

In the recovery week you will be introduced to several new workouts Isometrix, Dynamix, Accelerator, and Pilates X. X3 Yoga and CVX are also part of the transistion week.

Isometrix — This is by far the hardest workout in my opinion. In this routine you alternate between plank and standing balance moves. The real kicker is that these move are held statically for 45 seconds a piece. It forces you to use all your core to stabilize. The pace is good and flows really well. One move Tony tells you to close your eyes and stand on one foot (hint: open your eyes and look at Tony, he’s a riot lol).

Dynamix — Overall, Dynamix is a great workout. It’s really part of Block 1. Do yourself and your body a favor and do this workout on the “rest day”. It’s a great stretching routine with a quick pace that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the next workout.

Accelerator — Pure cardio. That’s what this workout offers. You go fast then Tony asks you to go faster. You can take the easy way out and dog half the moves or you can go wide open and make the most of this great routine! I burned over 400 calories the first time I did this one.

First Block Initial Impression

For me, p90X3 is proving itself to be a world-class workout program, getting you maximum results in just 30 minutes a day. The “I don’t have time to workout” excuse died with the invention of programs like T25 and P90X3. I can’t wait to see what the second block holds in store starting next Monday.

We are a month into 2014 so keep bringing it Fellowship of Fitness! 

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