Missed a Workout? Now what?

luke missed workoutSo you’ve missed a workout. Either you were really busy and unable to get it in or just really tired or really sore. Now what?  Should you continue where you left off? Just skip that missed workout to stay on schedule? Or should you start your program over from the very beginning?

There are several schools of thought out there on this very subject.  Some people say that you should just continue where you left off. Others that you should start over.  For me, the answer isn’t as clear cut.  I think it all depends on how many workouts you have missed in a row and how long you are into your program.

Scenario 1:  You are one week into your program and you missed at least one workout.

First off, being one week in you should be on fire and motivated to push play everyday. That aside, personally I would start the week completely over.  You aren’t too far in that starting over would be a huge setback.  Just start over and BRING IT!

Scenario 2: You are two or more weeks into your program and you missed a couple workouts.

Not a big deal, just go back and complete the ones that you missed and keep at it! Yeah this might cause your program to run a little longer than the initial 90 days or whatever, but who cares, right?

Scenario 3: You are in the second phase and have missed at least half of the workouts in a week.

Often we get so caught up in seeing the finish line, but who cares if the finish line gets moved a few days or a week further? Don’t cheat yourself out of results and just start the week over and absolutely crush those workouts!

Scenario 4: You are in the last phase and have missed an entire week.

Again, this isn’t a huge deal.  Just move the finish line a little further down the line and go back and start that week over again.

We could talk scenarios all day long, but the following rules should be followed at all times when you miss a workout(s).

  1. Do NOT try to make up for the lost workout by doing extra. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to double up workouts to get back on the original schedule.  Doing this is the quickest way towards over-training and injury.
  2. Do NOT fret over “losing” gains. It’s a common misconception that a few missed workouts will set you back and ruin all the hard work you have put in.  Some studies have even shown that as many as 7 missed workouts will result in negligible losses.  However, I definitely do not recommend missing that many days lol. After all, we are here to dominate!
  3. Do NOT get depressed over missed workouts.  Often missed workouts leave us feeling “off” like we’ve lost all the momentum that we had going. BUT just like one bad meal won’t automatically make you fat, one missed workout isn’t going to sap all of you gains from you!

At the end of the day, we are all works in progress. We will make mistakes. Workouts can and probably will be missed.  We must set priorities, learn from our failures, and move forward.  Getting down on yourself surely isn’t going to help you.  Remember, it’s not the last mistake that kills you, it’s the next one.  One missed day turns into two, which turns into a week, or a month, or even longer! You can’t change anything about that missed workout, but you can make sure not to miss the next one!

Above all, you need to do whatever is going to keep you in the game.  If you feel like it’s going to kill you mentally to skip the missed workouts or to go back and repeat part of the program, then don’t do it! It’s always better to be in the game then out of the stadium completely.  Keep bringing it!


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