Keeping the Fire Alive

campfire_t610Building a campfire takes time. You gather the kindling, wood, and begin rubbing sticks together to ignite an ember. Slowly the fire builds, builds, and builds into a roaring fire. The power of fire is great, but, if left unattended, will diminish and you must start all over again.

The same goes for your fitness journey. You’ve built real momentum. You started fast, rubbing sticks together as hard as you could. ¬†Now’s not the time to sit back and coast. You have to BRING IT. Day in, day out. Keep kindling the fire or else it will go out. Once it’s gone, you have to put in all that hard with to get started again.

I speak from experience. Back in January 2012 I weighed 230. I had had enough. I decided to bring it with P90X and P90X2 and lost 38 pounds by May. Then I decided to coast when I got married and gained 38 pounds back. I tried to start many times the rest of that year, but I had lost my momentum. January 2013 came around and I had to do something. I was miserable. I joined a Challenge group and started P90x2. I plugged in, pressed play, and drank my SHAKEOLOGY everyday! Then July came around and I jumped into Focus T25. I never let my momentum diminish and have seen great results! Currently I am down 36 pounds this year. Momentum is REAL, take advantage of it and keep pressing play.

-Coach Kernicky

Just a note: There are many holidays around the corner. Don’t eat a ton of junk and lose your momentum!



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