I’m Back

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been spending most of my time playing on Instagram and Facebook, but it’s high time I got back to weekly posting on here also.

First off, I finished off 2015 on a great note with the Fall Perfection Crew as you can see below. 90 days of near perfect nutrition and Body Beast.


But….. Christmas came around and I never fully recovered. I over ate way too often, worked out sporadically, and have since gained about 10 pounds. Now, I could so just sit here and cry (Baby WaWa style) and continue stewing over how bad I’ve been OR I can get back after it. The choice is easy.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of  our 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Group and I’m determined to jump right back on where I left off. I’ll post my day one photos tomorrow (no matter how embarrassing they might be lol).

You might be in the same situation as me but It’s time to take back control and get after it! Who’s with me? Here’s my motivation. My beautiful family.


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