I have failed…

Failure. It’s such a negative word and we all hate it, but failure is the key to success. As many of you know, I have tried and failed at fitness in the past. I’ve started and quit more rounds of P90X than I care to count. I would do well for a couple weeks, then I would allow excuses and bad eating habits to take control again. Nothing feels worse than the feeling of failure. So what do you do when you fail? You learn. Each one of my past failures taught me something about myself and prepared me to do better the next time. I started tracking my nutrition and plugged into a challenge group and haven’t quit ever since. 

I have failed, but I am not a failure.

Failure is the result of refusing to try again. So don’t get down on yourself if you have missed a few (or many) workouts and your nutrition hasn’t quite been what it should be. Use failure as a learning experience. Ask yourself why you failed and fix it. Just don’t give up. You are too important. Some of the most successful people of all time failed miserably, but they kept trying.
Keep bringing it Team Fellowship of Fitness!

“Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night.”
-Zig Ziglar


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