Getting FIT for SUMMER!

GoalCrushers2What’s happening! I know, it’s only February, but it’s time to start thinking about getting Fit with the Fellowship for Summer! Yep, starting March 15th we officially launch our Summer challenge group so that you’ll be in the best shape of your life for all of Summer’s awesome activites (aka backyard BBQs, pool parties, vacations, etc.)!  The group will meet in a private Facebook group and we will share our struggles, successes, what to eat, how to eat, motivation, encouragement… you name it and we will do it. This thing is all about you baby! This is your group and it’s time to get after it. We will soley be focusing on Beachbody fitness programs (if you are still looking for an awesome accountability group check out out 2015 – Let’s Get It Challenge which is open to all on my team).

I’ll tell you that I’m sick and tired of setting a goal every year to get ripped by Summer and never getting there. Well, this year it’s happening and I want you to reach and surpass your goals also! So what do I want from you?

1) I don’t want your cash. You don’t have to buy anything to get started. Beg, borrow, whatever you have to do to get a Beachbody program, do it! I’d be glad to point you in the right direction if you need to get something new (my Store). I personally will be continuing on with a Body Beast/ MAX 30 hybrid.

2) I do want your commitment. The best way to get results is to stay consistent day after day hitting your nutritional and workout goals. I want you to stay plugged in and share daily in the Facebook group.

That’s it. Pretty simple right? Now let’s get ready to get it done. This is the year you reach your goals so join my Team Beachbody team if you haven’t already


Are you ready for the Challenge??? Be a 2015 GOAL CRUSHER!

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