Fitness Update!

Hey guys, my wife and I just recently finished P90X3 and throughout the 90 days, I lost another 10 pounds and am currently down to about 173 pounds. That makes 57 pounds overall with Beachbody programs and Shakeology! Who knew working out at home could yield such results. My current progress picture is below. Overall, P90X3 is a great program. I mean who can’t fit in 30 minutes a day? It’s there somewhere, you just have to find it.  Success follows the dedicated so we are getting it done even if we don’t get finished working out until 11 at night. Now that we are finished (for now) with X3, what’s next? Well last week, my wife and I started Body Beast and we love it so far. We already feel stronger and seem to have more energy. We’ve decided to document the 12 week program HERE for those who are interested. My goals are to get down to 8% body fat at the end of this round. To do that I WILL dial in my nutrition every day! Which reminds me, write down your goals. This isn’t a,”write your goal down once a year and hope you hit it type of thing.” It’s a “remember your why everyday, so you don’t lose sight of the goal type of thing.” So set BIG goals!  



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