Double Dipping Workouts?

doublesDouble workouts seem like a great idea right? I mean, the more we do the faster we improve, right? The faster we will burn that gunk covering our abs, right? WRONG! You need to seriously be careful. Doing doubles can actually set you back in the long run.

Why Are Doubles Trouble?

Fat Gains = Obviously it is easy to fall into the mantra of “more is better.”  We’ve all thought this at some point during our fitness journey.  If one is good, two would be better right? And three, that would be just amazing.  Wrong.  Doing more than the number of prescribed workouts in our Beachbody programs will not equal a better body or higher level of fitness.  Working out puts a ton of stress on our bodies.  When our stress levels are high enough (i.e. from over-training) our bodies release cortisol, a steroid hormone  that alters metabolic functions.  The end result is that fat is preserved while muscle is broken down.

Time = This is the most obvious case against doing two-a-days.  I run into enough people that believe that a  minute workouts is too hard to fit into the daily grind (You have time, I promise. Look for it). In addition, there have been several studies that show that short, targeted workouts are much more effective for fat loss than long, endurance type exercises even while expending less energy! In the long run, we all want our time to be used as efficiently as possible.  Hours upon hours of exercise leave us with no time to enjoy anything.  What good is all that fitness unless you can enjoy it?

Burnout = It’s easy to get burned out on working out and eating healthy if you aren’t careful.  Most times people start out all gung-ho, ready to change their lives  and get ripped.  And doubles looks like and attractive way to speed along the process.   It’s simply not sustainable in most cases.  With high intensity workouts like P90X and Insanity you are already burning through your glycogen stores and doing doubles will deplete it even further.  Don’t fall victim to the infamous burnout.  Heck, I’ve seen enough people give up after a week or two because they are tired and not seeing the results they want.

If you are still all set on doing doubles, you need to make sure you are eating the proper amount of calories.  If you are following Beachbody nutrition guides, most of which account for an average amount of calorie burn during a workout, you need to be sure to eat the calories burned from the second workout.  So go grab an extra snack.  Speaking of eating, double-dipping workouts seems like a great idea especially after having a poor day of eating.  Simply put, you can’t outwork an improper diet.  So stick with the plan that has been laid out for you.  BRING IT TEAM!

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