Different Body Types

Knowing your body type can be a really important part of getting the results you want.  Many times people are really gung ho to get started transforming their health and fitness. That’s great! I encourage and welcome that type of attitude, but the fact is, not every body is equal. Some of us seems to really struggle with losing weight while others struggle gaining.  And then others sort of have the best of both worlds where gaining muscle and losing fat are relatively easy.  But no worries! Regardless of which camp you fall into, there is a plan for you.

The Three Body Types

There are three main body classifications; ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. You might not fall completely into one of these three categories and are a combination of two. These different type require different training methods and diet. Let’s see what Bodybuilding.com has to say about these body types.




The endomoph body is often soft and round with a thick rib cage.  Joints of endomorphs are generally wider or thicker and hips are usually as wide or wider than the clavicles.  Endomorphs find it really easy to gain weight in the forms of muscule and fat, but have a hard time losing fat.  The metabolism of an endomorph is generally slow.  As far as nutrition is concerned,  a low-carb, high-protein diet should be followed.  Carbs should largely be limited to vegetables , oats and whole grains.  White rice and white bread are definitely no-nos.  To keep fat gain at a minimum, endomorphs must incorporate cardio in addition to weight training into their workout routine.  This does not mean hours spent on the treadmill though.  Interval-based cardio is the key for losing weight efficiently and effectively.  In addition to interval-based cardio, weight training is definitely a must, because it continues to burn calories long after you are done, up to 72 hours of elevated burn.  Heavy weight with low reps is recommended.


A pure mesomorph has a naturally athletic appearance and has the ideal body type for bodybuilding.  Mesomorphs find it relatively easy to lose and gain weight which can be both good and bad. This body type is naturally strong and sports well defined muscles.  They don’t gain weight as fast as an endomorph, but still faster than the ectomorph so cardio must still be incorporated into their routine.  Body fat needs to be closely monitored because weight gains happen rather quickly.  Mesomorphs can eat a good amount of carbs with suggested macro-nutrient ratios of 40% carbs, 30%protein, and 30%fat.  Grilled chicken, avocados, and whole grain bread are staples in the mesomorphs diet.  Once mesomorphs lose body fat, well defined muscles are seen due to natural muscularity. Mesomorphs see fast results when training, especially beginners, and respond well to fast-paced, intense training sessions.


This is the typical skinny, hard gainer physique.   Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism which makes it really hard to gain weight.  Typical physical characteristics include small bones/joints, long limbs, small shoulders, flat chest, and lean muscle mass.  In order for ectomorphs to gain weight they need to eat massive amounts of calories.  To the envy of endo and mesomorphs, ectomorphs do not have to steer celar of carbohydrates.  A diet high in oats, sweet potatoes, and whole grains will support insulin levels to deliver protein to muscles for anabolism.  Workouts for this physique should be short and intense.  Workouts should also include compound movements such as squats and dead lifts to recruit more muscle groups.  Also, ectomorphs should ditch long, drawn out sessions of cardio and only do a couple days of low intensity of cardio per week.

Determining your type

By now you should be able to tell which category(ies) you fit into and this is important for getting extreme results.  You can also take this handy quiz on Bodybuilding.com.


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