Continuing well

success-is-a-journey-not-a-destinationWhat is the key to SUCCESS?

Most people start well. People in general are great at starting something. For instance, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to get fit, lose weight, etc., but they don’t end up changing. WHY???

“Success is not defined by how you start, but by how to continue over a long period of time.”- Darren Hardy

In our “right now” society people want things now and if they don’t see the results they quit. I am reminded of a question somebody asked Tony Horton not that long ago. They asked “It’s day 36. Why haven’t I seen the results yet?”  He responded, “Come talk to me on day 63.”  There lies the importance of continuing on. Results take time! You may not see results for weeks and then BAM, down 5 pounds! I have seen it happen in my own journey. Be patient. It WILL HAPPEN. Do better than you did yesterday. That’s all you can do.

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