Body Beast Works

Body BeastBody Beast is quickly becoming one of my favorite Beachbody programs. Why? Because Body Beast works. Period. It’s the program that does it all; burn fat, get chiseled, lean, and completely shredded.

Why It Works

It’s not all about just “pumping iron” anymore. Body Beast breaks down body building to a exact science with Dynamic Set Training.  Every workout is dialed in to get you the best results possible.  And no, Body Beast isn’t just for men. It works just as well for women. (Don’t worry ladies, you won’t turn into the hulk either lol)

It’s Not Easy

There’s more to getting completely ripped than boring old curls, presses, and squats. Body Beast brings in the new school with Dynamic Set Training which provides a proven combo of different sets, rep counts, and recovery. Body Beast is definitely not easy, but it WILL help you shed fat and add the definition that you’ve always wanted.

What’s Included

Body Beast features 12 Dynamic Set Training workouts split into 3 training blocks.

Body Beast Discs

Block 1 sets the stage for your transformation as you tackle super sets, giant sets, and single sets in the first 30 days.

Block 2 elevates everything you did in Block 1 with multi-sets, progressive sets, combo sets, and force sets to develop power and lean muscle.

Block 3 rotates through all 12 Body Beast workouts to put the finishing touches on the jaw-droppingly new you!

You Won’t Starve

Book of BeastBody Beast doesn’t leave anything to chance and provides you with custom meal plans, incredible recipes (seriously, the Beast Chili is AMAZING), and power shakes to build lean muscle and absolutely melt fat fast, all included in the Book of Beast. Plus, there is NO CALORIE COUNTING so you can concentrate on crushing each and every workout.

The Best Deal in Fitness

I believe Body Beast it is the best bang for your buck. Who wants to spend hours at the gym and a small fortune in gym memberships? Beachbody just recently slashed the price of this program to just under 40 bucks. You definitely can’t beat that. Also, Body Beast is currently the #1 product on TV. How cool is that? Very cool.

What Do I know?

Year of the Beast Day 78I am currently in my third round of Body Beast. I did my first round in the last quarter of 2013 and committed in mid-2014 to do only Body Beast for the next year with the Year of the Beast Challenge Group. I can really tell a difference in muscle mass with this program and no, I haven’t suffered with muscular endurance either.  I know a ton of people are worried about that, but I like to think of Body Beast as cardio with weights. Since starting Body Beast back in July I have completed a Spartan Super and Spartan Beast and noticed no setbacks in endurance (I believe that the leg workouts have improved my ability to tackle those kinds of events).

Still not convinced that Body Beast Works? Just give it a try! It has with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with your results, just send that puppy back in for a full refund of the purchase price (minus S&H).

Ready to get in the game and build lean muscle and shed fat? Good. Let’s get started!

Get Body Beast Now!

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