Body Beast Build Phase Review

YOTBThe Year of the Beast Challenge Group is going really strong. We have a great group that is really bringing it! We are in the 6th week and halfway through the Bulk Phase so I thought I’d share my review of the Build Phase.


Prep Week (1 week)

The group leaders decided that a prep week would be beneficial to preview the workouts, get a sense of the pace, and set a baseline of how heavy we could lift.  I had already completed one round of Body Beast so I knew what to expect and what weights to use.  It was a great week to get back in the swing of things though and start focusing on nutrition. I decided during this week that I would increase my caloric intake to 2400 cals/day.  I had been eating less than 2000 cals for quite a while and I wanted to start eating more to boost my metabolism. Overall, the prep week was awesome and it got me really pumped to officially start the program.


Build Phase (3 weeks)

These workouts are crazy good. I haven’t been this sore in a long time.  The pacing, set layout, and schedule are all awesome.  It’s a six days on, one day off type of workout with the rest day sort of floating through the week.  I feel as though I am getting stronger everyday and am thoroughly enjoying myself.  I’ve heard from some folks that they think that Sagi gets old quick, but I really enjoy his comments and banter with the crew.  You can really tell that he is being himself and isn’t scripted in any way.  I’ve always been a fan of Tony Horton and his jokes, but Sagi is hilarious in his own weird way.  I think most of it has to do with English not being his first language.

I really enjoyed the Build Phase workouts (although I really like the Bulk Phase so stay tuned for more on that).  I think I am finally getting used to eating more calories. The first week I was seeing the scale move up, but decided to stay the course.  From then on I have been either steadily maintaining or even losing weight which is right where I want it. I did lose a little bit of body fat through this phase and expect the trend to continue throughout the rest of the program. I would really like to see myself sub 10% after this first 90 days.

Overall, Body Beast is not a beginner workout in my opinion.  It’s a pretty intense, hard-core lifting program and those who may have not lifted before might hurt themselves with bad form.  Sagi does a good job of demonstrating how to do each exercise, but it might be hard for a novice.  One of the greatest things I like about Body Beast is that it isn’t just for gaining muscle.  If you adjust your diet accordingly, you can actually burn a heck of a lot of fat in the process.  Some people also get concerned with Body Beast’s lack of cardio, but Beast Cardio is a crazy hard routine.  Plus, you can always go with the Lean schedule which incorporates more cardio. Or you could just do some T25 or Insanity on the side.  I am really excited to see what the Bulk Phase has in store for me and will keep you all updated on the progress.


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